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Stay Positive.


CLICK the above image to crack the July 2009 issue of Modern Drummer and read 10 life nuggets from Jon Wurster (Psychotic Norman, The Right Profile, Carneys), everyone's favorite jazz-fillin' funnyman and all-around Good Guy.

Here's a transcript of the exchange I had while purchasing this periodical:

BORDERS CASHIER: You play drums, huh?

OMAR: Indeed I do.*

BORDERS CASHIER: My nephew plays. I think he's in some group.

OMAR: Nachtmystium?

BORDERS CASHIER: Um ... I can't remember the name. They have a Myspace page.

OMAR: Speaking of extreme metal, you heard that Varg Vikernes is out of jail, right?


OMAR: Oh, you probably know him as Count Grishnackh! Can you believe that Thurston Moore is into this stuff?!

BORDERS CASHIER: Do you have a BORDERS Rewards card?

Omar hands the gentleman his card.

OMAR: Tell your nephew to keep at it so he can become the next Mike Portnoy or Danny Peters! Don't you think Cobain should have stuck with him instead of Foo-Boy?

BORDERS CASHIER: Receipt in the bag?

OMAR: Sure. Just slip it right in there. Do you like The Melvins? Your nephew definitely needs to have an ice bell in his kit.

BORDERS CASHIER: Okay. Have a good one.

OMAR: Thanks, you too. Keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold. That's what Riki Rachtman used to say at the end of Headbanger's Ball.

BORDERS CASHIER: You're a munch.

OMAR: I changed my mind. I want my receipt out of the bag. I am going to hold it aloft as I exit this store.

*This is not true, although I did take a few lessons circa 1983 and attempted to bang along to Men At Work's Cargo and Social D's Mommy's Little Monster on my Remo practice pad.

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