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Reckoner (DOP Remix)

Radiohead - "Reckoner (DOP Remix)"

There are some much better remixes this time, which probably has to do with the easier time signature. Although I went in the direction of changing up the structure of the song, my two other favorite remixes have kept the structure the same and just re-did the song in a different style. I really like this 8-bit remix and the string quartet version.


I completely agree, the Nude remixes were hard to listen to. So many remixers could not work with the odd rhythm and chords.

Original strength Reckoner is pretty chill, but this DOP remix of Reckoner has a great old-school hip hop beat that livens it up a bit.

And the String Quartet remix is amazing. Thanks.

Sweet Remix you got going on there, voted for it. Did you ever think of changing the key to g? Weird stuff but, give it a listen.

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