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I noticed that a lot of the popular music weblogs are posting speculation on the lineup for the 2007 SXSW festival. Apparently, an "official" festival update cites 14 confirmed bands, including -- get this -- The Stooges. This is obviously some kind of prank. They broke up in 1974. What's next? White Zombie and that dog reuniting for Bonnaroo? Odd that so many people fell for this. It's kind of like when The New York Times published that Sub Pop gal's "grunge speak".

Anyway, my sources say that, as of now, only ONE band has been officially confirmed. Here are four hints: Marq Torien. Lonnie Vencent. Mick Sweda. Jimmy D'Anda. That's right. All four original members. See you cob nobblers at Stubb's in March.


Billboard wrote last spring that Iggy & the Stooges were at work with Albini on their first record since '73...

More recently, this Rolling Stone interview with David Fricke.

Bring on the Stooges!

This is Jimmy D'Anda Original drummer for Bulletboys,Just wanted to clarify that Mick,Lonnie and myself will "not" be taking part of any reunion tour
Jimmy D'Anda

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