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Top 10 RSF8ATML in 2006

RSF8ATML = Rap Songs From '88-'92 Added To My Library

1) The D.O.C. - "Lend Me An Ear"
2) Special Ed - "Come On, Let's Move It"
3) Big Daddy Kane - "Wrath Of Kane"
4) 3rd Bass - "Brookyn-Queens (UK Power Mix)"
5) Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - "Girls I Got 'Em Locked"
6) The Jaz - "Put The Squeeze On Em'"
7) Father MC - "Lisa Baby (Hip Hop Fat Mix)"
8) Double J - "Double J'z Tantrum"
9) Divine Styler - "Get Up On It"
10) Everlast - "I Got The Knack"

Thanks to the following blogs for much of the above: Unkut, RapChwast, To The Break Of Dawn & Bust The Facts.

PS - From my count, 7 of those songs contain James Brown-related samples.

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