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There is no Stanley tree.

( Click here to watch the producer's cut of "Branch Closing")


In 9th grade, I moved from small town Allen, TX where I had lived for 8 formative years to big time Marietta, GA to begin 10th grade anew. There may be no more difficult transition for teenager than this. I hated everything. "Long Cold Winter" was Cinderella's "glam-rock-blues-hybrid" album, my introduction to what I believed at the time to be "the blues" and, during this time of such transitional loathing...the consummate musical expression of my ravaging teen grief. This particular song was arguably the penultimate ballad of the album (with perhaps the exception of the title track) played loudly, daily, hourly, with door closed, to inform everyone in my household that they had made the wrong decision and should only be sorry for what they had done.

This strategy failed to move anyone. And ultimately, my Cinderalla tape was somehow misplaced after my mother cleaned my room one day, thus forcing me to accept my fate and begin listening to NWA.

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