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You're not just telling us what we wanna hear?

Cause we just wanna hear the truth:

Hello Recidivists-
I like the mp3s you put on your blog. I am with the San Francisco experimental pop band the Ebb and Flow.
In fact we are considering naming our new record "Recidivist's Recital"!

Could a solicitation be any more perfect? While the parallel naming thing would be enough to garner them a listen, the idea that they have this modifiable line as a part of their form letter is enough to garner them a post. Think of the carefully crafted others:

In fact we are considering naming our new record "Fluxblog's Follies"!
..."Stereogum's Spectacular"!
..."Gorilla vs. Bear vs. The Volcano"!
..."You Ain't No Picasso's Pool Boy"!
..."Moistworks's Moist Works"!
..."Largehearted Boy's Heart Born on the Outside"!

But guess what? They've got a fun website and good music. Here's a taste of the pop:

The Ebb and Flow - "Alaska: Lost and Found"
The Ebb and Flow - "Country Verses"

( They could, however, use some ampersand consistency in iTunes: and / & )

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