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what ever happened to trip-hop?

My definition of trip-hop has always been hip-hop beats with a singer instead of a rapper. I guess one could consider the Gorillaz or Gnarls Barkley to be trip-hop by that definition. For me, the last good trip-hop album was the first Goldfrapp record, before she got all glammed-up and started rocking the poodle head.

Pale 3 w/Goldfrapp - "Bodo"
Goldfrapp - "U.K. Girls (Physical)"


Interesting choice of tracks. Since neither one of them are on the "basic" first Golfrapp album.Therefore they did'nt make the cut.Expand your mind on the idea of trip hop. Sneaker Pimps first album,DJ Shadow,though not the new one.And if you can expand your mind a little further , DJ SPOOKY that Subliminal Kid's: NECROPOLIS.But thats illbient...right.

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