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Kaufman: a Seduction.

kaufman HAIR

When there's a gap in the prime time schedule, the local ABC affiliate trots out Atlanta's own Monica Kaufman and her Barbara Walters-esque profiler Monica Kaufman Closeups. It usually features local-ish celebs: Braves and Falcons and Hawks and Foxworthys. But here's what will suck you in to the first couple of minutes of the show: she uses the Streethawk theme as her theme music. A Streethawk refresher:

Turns out that theme song wasn't just some random deal. It was by those Krautrock wizards of the 70s and 80s, Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream - "Le Parc" (Please observe 15 seconds of silence before the synthsplosion.)

( Pure coincidence that this came out today? YES. )

I've had this stupid Kaufman theme nugget in my head since the old blog days, but it wasn't until I finally bit the bullet and dove into Destroyer's excellent 2001 record Streethawk: a Seduction that I decided to post it up.

Destroyer - "Virgin With a Memory"

( Beggars might be advised to ride their motorbike over to the store and get the rest of the record. )

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