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The Great Flydini.

Part 5 of magician, author, bon vivant, raconteur, and prestigitator extraordinaire Ricky Jay's 1989 TV special, Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women:

Part 1 (Martin intro + melon penetration!)
Part 2 ("Camelbacking" -- SFW)
Part 3 (Incredibly strong Belgian woman)
Part 4 (One-man Oliver Twist)
Part 6 (Poker and puppets)
Part 7 (Really fast math + Chris "Jesus" Ferguson fact checkin')
Part 8 (Houdini automaton)
Part 9 ("Ode to Joy" + Butterfly + Paula Zahn and Harry Smith asking viewers to "Wake up to the 90s" with them)

Sprinkled throughout: Elayne Boosler!

UPDATE: Appears that someone has spoiled the fun under the guise of "copyright infringement". Oh, that old standby. Jerks.

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