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The belly of the whale.

bloodmountain.jpgThe best metal band in the US and A hails from Atlanta, Georgia. They are called Mastodon. They have been known to make Chunklet publisher Henry Owings giggle like a giddy schoolgirl. Their last long-player, Leviathan, plucked lyrical themes from Melville's long-reader, Moby Dick. I'll need more time to unearth the literary inspiration for their forthcoming Warner Brothers debut (9/12), although on first listen I'm getting a vibe that suggests either Hawthorne's short stories or that first Ethan Hawke novel.

Here's the leadoff track:

Mastodon - "The Wolf Is Loose"

[Stream "Capillarian Crest" and "Crystal Skull" at their Myspace headquarters.]

( Click here to pre-order Blood Mountain)


The literary inspiration is H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness.

Breihan likes it.

Begrand likes it.

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