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Televised Programming Bulletin. #015:

Doctor Love will fulfill all of your fontasies on Gene Simmons Family Jewels (series premiere tonight on A&E, 10 p.m.)

In the fifth episode, Gene invites Fresh Air host Terry Gross to his pleasure palace for a barbecue, and their freewheeling discussion ranges from Hezbollah to proper tongue care. Terry manages to get Gene drunk for the first time in his life, and the two former sparring partners end up entwined in an intense, consensual game of "erotic Twister".

Here's the God of Thunder's classic turn as Newton Blade on Miami Vice:


x amount: This newton blade scene is hilarious. I LOVE "dancing" scenes.
Omar: yes!
x: People just hanging out, dancing.
O: in the daytime.
x: Why not?
x: All spaced evenly from each other.
O: hitting their marks
O: some PA with a tape measure
x: "TOO CLOSE, Bridget."
O: the brunette's encroaching!
x: "Please, people. STIFFER."
O: "Lose the top."
O: "Gene, please stop giving direction."

If you close your eyes and listen to this scene it sounds like Earl and his brother Randy. I half expected to see them in some Miami Vice parody when they cut to the boat passengers.

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