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An idea fully realized.

[A side note to the good Dr. - I only wish we had had the wherewithal to have hooked up with Debbie Gibson or Tiffany so they could have bankrolled this opportunity for us they way Britney has for K-Fed]

Years ago there when there was a real low point in popular music, Dr. Red Duke and I had a vision that anybody could become a famous rock/rap star by just giving a bunch of shoutouts to the audience to hype them up. In fact, they didn't even have to play an instrument or write any music. Pyrotechnics were needed as well as a full stage set up of instruments and other band members...

But past that, one just needed to have a mic turned up to 11 and the ability to yell out things like "Are you ready to Rock?!" and "We're gonna rock tonight!" One such example:


This vision also explains the career of one Frederick Durst.

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