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Unrest In Peace.

I figured the music blogs (especially YANP and STG) would be all over this, but sometimes stuff slips through amidst the onslaught of new music. Not to worry, Recidivism is always pleased to fill a void in a crowded marketplace. So anyway, SLAYER, legendary purveyors of a subgenre of heavy metal called "thrash", are back with a new record, its first featuring original drummer Dave Lombardo since 1990's Seasons In The Abyss. It's a taut (10 tracks just shy of 40 minutes) work offering all the fun we've come to expect over the past two decades: ferocious drumming, King and Hanneman's dueling leads, and Araya barking hilariously outrageous lyrics with familiar, intermingling themes -- institutional corruption, grisly and dubious warfare, general societal decay, etc. As doomsday devotees, these guys are a lot funnier than, say, George Carlin's last HBO special. Also: Satan is hailed. The number of the beast is invoked. Always comic gold. And while I couldn't find the official lyrics, I think I heard Araya say "I'll eat your soul" in "Supremist". I hope he did. Straight outta Evil Dead II!

Warning: When enjoying this brand of music, a common side-effect is neck whiplash, the result of repeated, aggressive headbanging. However, I've discovered a second injury that may occur when listening to this album while operating a motor vehicle. Yes, that's right: footlash. While rocking out, Lombardo's pounding inspired me to attempt to bust through the floorboard via my left foot vigorously stomping a non-existent bass drum pedal.

Q. "Hey, man, how's that new Slayer record?"

A. "Well, let's just say that my ankle is sore!"

Here's two compositions from the forthcoming long-player:

Slayer - "Flesh Storm"
Slayer - "Supremist"

( Click here to pre-order Christ Illusion)

P.S. Thanks for the lesson, Kerry! Look for my Slayer cover band to surface this fall. Current band names being tossed about: Mengele Dream Day, Recidivism In Blood, and Araya Sunshine.


I would so love to see a comparison graphic of what people think you look like vs. what you actually do.

Metal Omar revealed:

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