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Get that rag off the meat. Let’s go, man!

Public Enemy. You thought they didn't release anything post-Bomb Squad that was worth much, right? WRONG. They only released one of the most amazing tracks of all time. Sure it was recorded during the Fear of a Black Planet sessions, but still.

First, the history:

Public Enemy - "Burn Hollywood Burn"

Now, the gem. Buried on 2002's Revolverlution (hooboy with the titles anymore, guys) was this complete and utter classic. I've listened to it a million times and it still cracks me up.

Public Enemy - "The Making Of Burn Hollywood Burn"

Flavor Flav Friday Follies! Gotta love that he's riffing it up with Kane over the phone at his mom's house. Also gotta love all that fantastic 1990 Flavor Slang. If you grew up on that good PE ish, this is late-in-life perfection.

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