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Cast into the world with apple eyes.

btbam.jpgA while back, my fact-checkin' cuz suggested that I spin North Carolina rockers Between The Buried And Me's 2005 release, Alaska. It was certainly a cut above their genre peers (like Chicago's Kill Me And Then Kill Me Harder, Philly's Make Love To Me Before I Embalm You Alive, and Newbridge, N.J.'s overrated Hex Head) but it never gained much traction in my playlists and often slipped into a metal-by-numbers rut.

I'm more intrigued by their new all-covers release, which boasts an eclectic track list ranging from the usual suspects (Pantera and Sepultura) to the likes of Blind Melon and Counting Crows. In these three selections, mercurial (ha!) frontman Tommy Rogers ably shifts from slightly Cookie Monstering up Hetfield's barks (axemen Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring also add some nice melodic death-y guitar flourishes towards the end) to navigating the fun, poppy harmonies of Queen to capturing Corgan's nasal geekiness.

Between The Buried And Me - "Blackened" (Metallica cover)
Between The Buried And Me - "Bicycle Race" (Queen cover)
Between The Buried And Me - "Geek U.S.A." (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

( Click here to buy The Anatomy Of)


nice post. the cover of geek usa may be better than the original

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