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Astounding Woman.

Borat in the country of San Diegos.


Bearded Unicorn Rider has a longer iFilm version that includes Borat's stage climbing.

"Let me add to the Borat hype. I'll up Aukerman, I have NEVER laughed that hard at a movie. For me it had the relentless "Oh fuck, I'm laughing so hard I might shit my pants" pace that the first fifteen minutes of the South Park movie had, but the Borat movie kept that pace going for the entire thing. It will ruin comedy, because everything you used to think was funny will taste like shit after you've seen this. I can't wait to see it again. And again." -- Brian Posehn on AST.

Full Borat trailer.

If the D movie teaser trailer is any indication, that's one film that Borat will render fecal.

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