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Televised Programming Bulletin. #013:

Set your TiVos with an hour or so overage time to catch tonight's Scripps National Spelling Bee finals. Prediction: Samir Patel will finally take home the title by properly spelling "recidivism."


New Jersey's own Katherine Close beat out the cute Finola Hackett in a blistering multi-round finale. Along the way Close also took out the too-cocky Rajiv Tarigopula and the just-the-right-amount-of-cocky [eliminated, but then reinstated!] Saryn Hooks.

My personal favorite, the homeschooled, handblowing Jonathan Horton, went out in round 10 on the word "sciolto."

Heavily hyped Samir Patel didn't even make the finals and was last seen trying to find a signal so he could long-distance cry to Pam Sullivan McGarl.

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