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L. V. N! SC!!!


That HBO floating down like a Kubrickan Starchild! I frequently liked this intro more than the actual Feature Presentation -- I wanted to see a film that took place in that dark city. This makes me think of sitting in front of the teevee with my dinner on a tray, so excited to see Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Superman, Superman II, etc.

I can't recall if HBO ran this tag before it, but I probably watched Pete's Dragon about 25 times in this dinner-on-a-tray format.

I remember seeing a "making of" for that intro on HBO back when they used it. All models with stop motion for the cars. I think it's still better than most of the CG these days.

I was telling my wife about the making of featurette just before I read your comment DOP.

Dude, what a flashback...

I too remember the "making of" documentary. Would love to see it again.

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