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Destroy the mechanics. Run off like Mannix.

shakeitshshshakeit.jpgUltramag is long gone (Or are they?). And that Dr. Octagon record sure came out a long time ago, huh? Well, Dr. Octagon is dead too (Or is he? Umm, yeah.). And it's been spotty mcgee for that Kool Keith rascal ever since.

Which is where the selection afforded by a track-by-track digital world comes in handy. There's this new Kool Keith project called Project Polaroid. The beats are actually pretty consistently decent and end up sounding about how that album cover looks. The problem is that they're all so very boringly mid-tempo. Save one delicious, cherry-picked one:

Project Polaroid - "Digital Engineering"

( Shake a few more at the iTMS )

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