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Shadow's finished his new record, and he wants us all to RELAX OUR BACK. I'm not complaining (my vertebrae are perfectly aligned), but I can see how experiment-averse folks might be worried following his recent limited output.

For me, nothing was funnier than David Banner yelling "DJ Shadow up in this mother..." on that last bit of guest production. But this new thing is funnier. I laugh every time the SL word up there is used to toast Shadow and some bonkers beat-work into what starts off sounding like a typical M. Ciccone-laced drum and bass track.

DJ Fresh vs. DJ Shadow - "Closer"

( Maybe you like the DJ Fresh bun as much as the DJ Shadow meat? )


Mono-only radio rips of two new The Outsider tracks are available over at Solesides.com. A review too.

This record is going to be all over the place.

And now... a bad review

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