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You be the horse, and I'll be the dreamer.

I'm late to the Wonder Showzen party, but I dove into season 2 last week and have been YouTubing s1 clips, mainly searching for the work of Beat Kid Trevor, an investigative reporter who's part Kermit the Frog and part Sacha Baron Cohen (the inappropriate high-five requests are certainly a Borat homage). His season 2 work -- a romp through a beauty pageant and a stint outside a Catholic church while dressed as the Pope's rotting corpse -- has been top-notch, top-shelf, tentpole stuff.

"Gamble, gamble, gamble ... DIE."


yeah i love seeing kids exploited too. it's fucking hilarious. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah....

Holdonasecondthere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Touche and all, but you should know that prior to being forced into journalism, Trevor was boxing up farm fresh brake pads under the tyrannical glare of Hippie Johnny (who, if he had enough absynthe in him, would throw darts into the fleshy part of the thigh of kids who were not working fast enough) at the Mellow Grove compound. I say that's progress. It's also common knowledge that the second season of Mr. Show was written by foreign child laborers, so, you know, whatever it takes for the comedy.

Props on the clever fake e-mail and edgy f-bomb. I'll look for you on opening night for the next Dakota Fanning vehicle!

ok. i wasn't really trying to be clever and i don't see the need to give out my email. i guess my problem with wondershowzen is that i don't think it's necessary to have kids in the show. other than that i guess every now and then it's funny and the rest of the time it's just trying way too hard to be shocking. how do you think the young kids flipping through channels in their bedrooms will perceive this show. probably like some sort of living nightmare. innocence is torn away from everyone way too quickly and i don't find it helpful or funny to "be in on the joke".
umm... i have no idea who hippy johnny is. i guess it's naive of me to assume that anyone would give this serious and responsible thought. maybe i started it off with the wrong tone. anyway.
take care,

"Wonder Showzen: We tried the Kool-Aid but didn’t swallow. Honestly. Some of the bits are pretty clever/warped (see “Shuggie”), but we’re too old to eat a hit of Window Pane once a week just for a tv show. It’s funny because it’s true. And how scary is that guy on the left?" -- Goldenfiddle

For the record, this show is actually pretty bad, but come on: BEAT KIDS!

yeah, the show can be funny(sometimes). guess i needed to vent. as far as it being funny cuz it's true...well, that reminds of what bokonon said:
a lover's a liar,
to himself he lies.
the truthful are loveless,
like oysters their eyes.

anyway, i do like the blog. keep it up.

"Do you want a rematch, buddy?"

"Trevor, we're cutting you loose."

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