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What you give is what you get.

I certainly can’t get behind Dan LeRoy's Thunder Lightning Strike = Paul's Boutique comparison in terms of the music -- even sociologically, I'm not sure the argument stands up. 1994-5 is so very much not 1989, and I had to double up and check to make sure that the virgin-eared largehearted boy wasn't ghost-authoring these book notes. But I'll cut him some slack since he so completely nails the brilliance of "Shake Your Rump."

On the Car Wash soundtrack, [Rose Royce's "6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock)"]'s just an instrumental throwaway, a little over a minute long and notable only for the fatness of its Moog bassline. What Matt Dike and the Dust Brothers did with that sound on "Shake Your Rump," however, is remarkable; they chopped it up, turned it inside out and made it groove in a completely new way. If you had to pick the most memorable audio component from Paul’s Boutique, this sample would probably be the winner – and it wasn’t just some great hook ripe for the plucking, either.

-- Dan LeRoy, from his book notes submission for The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique (33 1/3).

Rose Royce"6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock)"

( Put your money where your mouth is. )

I remember trying to mine the samples on PB (pre-Internet!), and stumbling across the Car Wash OST. I was so excited -- I'd heard tales of how the Dust Bros. had completely plundered the record. This was it! I would now have two albums worth of perfection! But no. Hearing Car Wash well after memorizing PB reduced the soundtrack to a big mess of quiet, powerless music with stray bits of sample fodder strewn across it. Talk about disappointment.

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