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So cheap and juicy!

begin_to_hope.pngHere's a track from the forthcoming (6/13/06) Regina Spektor album, Begin To Hope. It's tastier than a box of tangerines and a pack of Camels. You can also drop $2.97 for three more tracks at the iTunes music portal: "Fidelity", "Better" (featuring guest guitar work by Nick Valensi of Strokey-Stroke), and "Summer In the City".

Regina Spektor - "That Time"

Bonus track:
Regina Spektor - "Chelsea Hotel" (Live on BBC Radio One)


Thanks, I loved Regina Spektor's first two albums.

That was awesome.


Regina's work is stunning.

Many fantastic live recordings (including songs never released on any album) here:


Regina's glorious live performances provide hope for a dimming world.

"That Time" just became my first 5 star song of 2006. I get SO EXCITED when I get to the fantastically singalongable Parliament/Marlboro/Camel part.

And that "Fidelity" track is CLOSE BEHIND in the race to 5 stars. TAKE A PENNY right now on that one.

This Begin to Hope record is good, good, good stuff.

Official album art for Begin To Hope:

Official album art for the 2-disc Limited Edition Begin To Hope:

Your the shit for posting this up.
i lost my album and went crazy but hearing these few songs pump me back up ....thanks thats what i wanted all along...

Clowntownmedia gives it a 7.5!!

"Close, but no cigar."

Not smartass. Just songs.

"She and her cousin Marsha reveled in the little luxuries. "We used to eat seven yogurts a day. Sometimes we wouldn't mix the fruit in—I'd eat the top, and then the bottom. We'd get a million different kinds of cereal. Suddenly we'd only eat cereal with orange juice, because it was exciting."

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