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Respect the plateau.

How would you say that your material has changed with time?

I think it's become a little more of a meal rather than little snacks. You first get up there and you're like, "How can I take this idea that I have and make a little comedy snack out of it." I think, now, when I get on the stage I'm trying to, like a chef, a four-course dinner onstage. A couple of times a year, you come off stage and think, "I came pretty close there. That was a nice, well rounded meal I gave them." People react to that. They come up to you later and say, "Hey, that was great. You really brought it all together." I feel like they sense that. If you try to serve up something that's not just little jokes, if they get a sense of who you are or you give them a hint as to what's going on with you, I feel that that's what I'm striving for lately. If you ever get close, it's a real kick in the pants and I enjoy it.

-- Tom Shillue, in this big, long interview. And it sounds like the second CD he'll be working on is gonna be gold.

[via Laughmachine.]

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