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I make music and I make rhymes. What do you do with your free time?

When I first met DOP, I'd already been playing his self-produced demo tape on the show for a few weeks. LL from Criminal gave me the tape, said that a little white kid was behind it, and that it was really good hip-hoppy stuff. She was right. Anyway, I started into my show and in rolled this weirdo-looking dude who was the antithesis of the standard white-kids-trying-to-look-black that typically showed up to pimp their stuff. He had horrible long hair and big sunglasses and some sort of trucker hat-like thing. This was 1996, I think? Anyway, he kept coming back to the show, week after week. I eventually learned that the hair was a wig.

So Juiceboxxx is the new DOP, updated for the '06. He's also a little white kid, likes to wear the funny get-ups, and makes devastating hip-hop. I mean really, really great stuff. Where DOP's early business was more Shadow and Dust Bros-inspired, Juiceboxxx dabbles more in the 82-87 timeframe, both beats-wise and simplistic rhymes-wise.

This Juiceboxxx track I'm posting will crush you. It is a bona-fide computer speaker rattler in the grand tradition of cheerleader routine dance music (a style that needs a blow-out post of its own).

Juiceboxxx - "Do You Want 2 Hear It?"

( Only 8 bucks for the full record. WORTH IT. )

Bonus "Thunder Jam #1" video for the full visual effect:


Those were prescription safety glasses and it was a trucker hat, before they became popular or were called trucker hats. I think the logo had something to do with Milk or maybe Dairy Farmers.

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