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http://www.recidivism.org/images/2006/04/274-thumb.jpgAmerican Treasure George Saunders returns this month with a new collection of short stories: In Persuasion Nation. You'll want to digest no more than one story a day -- of course, doing so will cause you to long for a 365 day supply. Or maybe they could shorten the year by 353 days. Either way: 12 stories, many of which you've already read scattered about. (Note: one previously published story, The Barber's Unhappiness, not collected in IPN, can instead be listened to. Also note that it is not George Saunders doing the reading. It is someone else.)

So last week, a few of us who previously provided mailing addresses in exchange for commemorative t-shirts were treated to a surprise postal package containing all manner of promotional IPN treats. Not the least of which is the signed and numbered chapbook you see embedded in this post. The rest of the loot (temporary tattoos, iron-ons, a double-sided poster, etc.) is pictorially depicted after the jump, but you might still be able to get in on the fun yourself by filling out a simple web form!



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