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One long, smooth ride to the finish.

bamford_bridges.jpgPrior to seeing the television serial and documentary feature The Comedians of Comedy, my exposure to Maria Bamford was pretty limited: a few stray stand-up clips and some impressive appearances on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. It's now clear that Bamford is one of the funniest funnypeople around -- all that talent packed into a delicious package!

You can kinda hear an interview with her on the 3/24/06 AST Radio podcast. As usual, the guest is barely audible. Let's pump up the volume, fellas. She's also hitting the road for another installment of the CoC tour with the raging nerds and Eugene Mirman, who replaces Grizzly Adams.

Maria Bamford - "Miss The Excitement"
Maria Bamford - "We Do Things A Bit Differently Around Here"
Maria Bamford - "Sexual Harrassment"
Maria Bamford - "Voicemail Non Sequiturs"
Maria Bamford - "Pteradactyl Song"

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