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Nerd cage.

Yeah, so start looking down, cause I’m sitting at the base level now. I was going to just comment this sad tale into the PO post, but I figured I might as well official it up and get it on the record. I'm trapped and turning into a junkie.

While LL had me diving into the Eightball/Ghost World alterna-comics world during my summer stint at Criminal, I didn’t really pick up anything else until my Chris Ware completism explosion. But then last year alterna-rag Entertainment Weekly sucked me into Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Holy awesome. And the perfect bridge between the crazily layered and textured novel-like world of Ware and the pulpier world of superheroes and costumes. Watchmen is just as landmark-y as they say. I read it last fall and still can’t get it out of my head. It cracked open all kinds of Cold War Armageddon memories I didn’t even realize I had. Watchmen is simply one of the best pieces of fictional media going.

And it had me wanting more. So I started looking around for other bridge-like multimedia deals to soften this inevitable descent into non-alterna-cool comics. I landed on Damon Lindelof’s (that TV show called Lost) 6 issue Ultimate deal. I jumped into Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men deal (first arc = great, second arc = not so great, latest issue = not really fixing much but we’ll see, I guess). And then Gardner Linn started trying to help out Hillary and co. and I got all up in Y the Last Man (Up to the 4th collection and extremely big on this. No superheroes! Just a fun sci-fi tale. It too would make a fantastic Lost-y television series) and Warren Ellis’s fun and funny Nextwave.

So yeah, there you go. On the record. Commence whatever it is that you need to do. But at least pick up a copy of Watchmen first.


I don't even know you anymore.

This too shall pass.

Snyder's DAWN remake -- written by Pigtails' husband -- is one of the best feature film debuts in recent years. The "The Man Comes Around"-fueled opening credits are as good as it gets.

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