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How I long for the sound of her gravelly voice.

Last week, while everyone was uploading SXSW photos (still working on my recap, but my two favorite shows were the original lineup of Bulletboys at South X Stereogum and Stryper's "surprise show" at Stubb's) and torching their mangled NCAA brackets, thetimeisnear was bringing some classic Remote Control (there was an RC Nintendo game?!) clips to the controversial video-sharing portal YouTube. As with Double Dare, there's an immediate rush of nostalgia, but also a reminder that this was top-shelf television anchored by an unstoppable trio -- the Susan Olsen-obsessed Ken Ober, the lovely Kari Wuhrer and the gravelly-voiced Colin Quinn. Plus: early Sandler. The Stud Boy face/pose still kills nearly 20 years later. Hopefully there's more to come (like those Denis Leary Gunther's Wild Animal Circus bits), but there's a nice mix up there now:

Cue-card man.

Survey Says ft. Anthrax's Charlie Benante, Femme Fatale's Lorraine Lewis, and Britny Fox's Dizzy Dean Davidson! Go Philly! Dem Eagles gonna win it all this year.

Survey Says: "I don't wanna boyfriend, but stupid."

Survey Says: Alf

Trivia Delinquent: "Give it to me!"

"It is nice to be neat and look petite, but if you wanna feel some heat, you got to have some meat." I'm pretty sure that NY Giants wideout Phil McConkey disagreed.

Singalong with Colin: Sam Cooke

Singalong with Colin: Bruce

Cousin Flip aka The Laughing Guy (I always found this character very disturbing. I still do.)

Lightning Round: Pornocchio

Colin's favorite birthday ever

Bonus clip: Lubrication. Love it.



i am thetimeisnear... cool little article you wrote there on your blog... yeah, i have lots of episodes on dvd of remote control and double dare...

our "golden age of television"

i'm still putting up more stuff.


As promised above, thetimeisnear posted some more Remote Control clips:

Two great CQ commentaries: "The bully in a John Hughes film" and Kirstie Alley + Rex Reed

Born in the U.S.A.

"Celebrity Flesh"

Phil McConkey!

Flip's Dance Party from the lost 1970s episode.

Mr. Baggypants: They took the mud off.

Mr. Baggypants 2: Fence!

Narc Narc

Not a blind date with Kari

Sam Malone's earholes

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