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Don't turn your back on me.


During their recent UK tour with The Go! Team, Smoosh performed a couple of new songs on a BBC Radio program. Simply put: "She's Right" is a pop masterwork. So download it and listen to it. That's all I've got on this one. New Smoosh full-length slated for a June 20th release on Barsuk.

[Note: Chloe -- who just turned 12 -- is quickly becoming one of the world's best drummers. Eat it, Neil Peart!]

Smoosh - "She's Right" (Live)

Smoosh - "Inner To The Outer" (bonus track from the Japanese import version of She Like Electric)


just an idea. change your user name to: little kid lover

Great tune. Asya and Chloe are clearly not undisciplined latchkey kids mesmerized by paper shredders. They have real musical talent and artistic passion.

Smoosh - Live at The New Vera Project, 4/5/06.

Finally got to hear "Inner To The Outer". I've been looking all over the net for this one.Cool.

Download "Find A Way" here.

Chloe and Asy are the most amaizing musicians I have ever seen in my lifetime. They do not sing about flowers and bunnies. They sing about real life problems, such as a fight with your friend, being yourself, finding yourself, loving yourself, self judgement, and so much more. Asya never had singing or piano lessons, so her beats are very individual, and Chloe can hit those drums like no other. They are amazing, and they take their music seriously. If you think they are just 'little kids' then you should listen to the lyrics. Smoosh are not fooling around. They love music, and they are only trying to have fun. And they are. And they're amazing. Get over it.

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