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All You Need to Know.

So far so good on this iTunes Multi-Pass The Colbert Report subscription. My first concern was whether or not the 16 episode pass included reruns (it doesn't). My second concern was whether they'd have the same ridiculous 24 hour hold time on posting episodes -- something that would render the Multi-Pass useless for folks who load up their iPods in the morning and want to have the previous night's ep available when they head out the door.

But the email notification arrived well before I awoke. 3:30 AM Eastern! Taste a spoiler alert full of truth, Hawaiians! Beautiful. Now if they'd just make it so I don't have to "Check for Purchases" or whatever to kick off the download, I'd be able to stumble out of bed, kick off the sync, and be loaded and ready to go.



Did Gradmommy write that email? It addresses you as "Dear," -- how thoughtful and sweet!

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