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That's what we do when we hang out. We list, you know, info.

Podfodder update. Get rid of all those other craps I told you about; I sure went to deletion town with them. Actually, save the Shillue. Hopefully he'll get back to telling us some stories soon. But I found a fantastic new podcast shortly after making that post a couple months ago and figured I'd do a post about it once I was ready to talk about all the fancy video podcasts I subscribed to. Only I subscribed to a bunch of fancy video podcasts and they've all pretty much been ignored after the novelty wore off. (I do love you, Amanda Congdon. Maybe I'm just in an audio-only cycle?)

Here's the new one you need. It'll show up right after the Recid-O-Cast in your iTunes list. It's called The Sound of Young America (iTunes link, newish companion blog). And the guest line-up over the last year seems fake it's so awesome.

Here are some of the featured guests that have already made my commute look-forward-to-able: Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks creator), Prince Paul (he samples kiddie records), Matt Walsh (UCBer that I've seen perform IN PERSON and IN COLOR and didn't even PLAY UP), Chris Elliott (known for "Chris Elliotting around" and a book that I still haven't finished), Rodney Rothman (former head writer for Letterman and author of a fantastic book that I just finished), Sarah Silverman (she says jokes that have bad words), H. Jon Benjamin (surly son on Dr. Katz; Akiva Smirnoff and other fun characters on this other decent radio show), Devin the Dude (he really was MC Watchout? seriously? unfortunately, no confirmation on his TSOYA appearance), John Hodgman (McSwy's a-hole and The Daily Show correspondent-without-a-badge), Fred Armisen (heterosexual SNLer), Ricky Jay (ex-Bella Union cardsharp), Louis CK (subscribe to his stand-up-only video podcast while you're clicking around on things), Demetri Martin (adorable Myspace commentator), Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster (creators of Conan O' Brien's favorite radio program), Blackalicious (solid EP, then lost Shadow's phone number), and a bunch of others that are kinda hard to dig out of this comprehensive page, so just subscribe in iTunes and start picking through the unbelievable line-up there.

p.s. AST people are trying to start up a podcast as well. A couple non-standard promising things available now, but I'll alert when they go more official [UPDATE: minutes after I posted, I went and checked the forum again. OFFICIAL].

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