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So this is what this is all about, huh? Donuts.

Well, not anymore. I was putting together a J Dilla post with a haha funtimes write-up last night -- doing up the standard research for supplementary links and whatnot -- when, boom. He dies.

Anyway, the album he released a few days before he died is good instrumental hip-hop. Less bugged-out than Madlib's production work, but just as deliciously sample-based. Donuts is accurate: it's not an album for all-in-one-sitting digestion. Think of it as a bunch of Pollard-short blasts of TMBG "Fingertips"-like soul-drenched beats for you to shuffle in with the rest of your library.

J Dilla - "Light My Fire"
J Dilla - "Lightworks [not feat. Nellie McKay, though by the end of the track you might start pretending it's her]"

( apparently we're doing a red thing now; here's a place to buy Donuts )

And since it would be a filth move not to legacy up this post, here's my favorite track from the Madlib collabo:

Jaylib - "McNasty Filth [feat. Frank-N-Dank]"

( red = get at least a few donut holes from Champion Sound too )

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