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Recid-O-Cast. #006:

The 6th installment of the Recid-O-Cast is upon you. Right up on you. I've failed to deliver anything as strong as Dr. Red Duke's devastatingly solid Ray Nagin exclusive -- so don't get your hopes up. Perhaps this should simply be considered the set to the Dr.'s inevitable spike.

I did accomplish something fun though: the Recid-O-Cast is now available in the iTunes Podcast section. All official-like for the least official thing we've ever done. Subscribe in iTunes, or cut and paste this dedicated new feed into your podcast receptacle.

Finally, we set up an email address just for the Recid-O-Cast. It, along with email addresses for each of the R's regulars, can also be found on our new contact page.


I prefer to be called a gentleman's gentleman.

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