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Now is the time.

I dove into Ecclesiastes this last week and have been chewing on the following ever since:

Everything is so weary and tiresome! No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content.

And Solomon didn't even have an RSS reader! If the dude had been trying to navigate the world of mp3blogs, podcasts, TiVo, and video content for his iPod, he'd have had an even bleaker start to Ecclesiastes.

So I was trying to figure out a way into the above verse (new Recidivism subhead?), while simultaneously listening to this new Kelley Stoltz record. I realized that the next oft-heard bit is where the real juice is:

History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. What can you point to that is new? How do you know it didn't already exist long ago? We don't remember what happened in those former times. And in future generations, no one will remember what we are doing now.

Kelley Stoltz is covering familiar ground here: lo-fi-ing it up in his room, playing off of well-worn classic pop records, multi-tracking the crap out of his psych-folk experimentation work. But you know what, Solomon? I'm fine with all that. Bring it. Stoltz is delivering new good old stuff. Twist-free! I loved last year's Jamie Lidell record and the fact that he bleeped and blooped up his soul revisitation. That was a nice twist. But Stoltz proves you don't necessarily need to provide the clever update freshness. You can just bring it like we've heard it. Straight up. And if the songs are good, the songs are good.

Kelley Stoltz - "Ever Thought of Coming Back" [Previously under the sun as Beach Boys music. Available 2/7.]
Kelley Stoltz - "The Sun Comes Through" [Previously under the sun as Beatles music. Available now on the The Sun Comes Through EP.]

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