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Special Courtesies Olympics.

The audience:
I enter the elevator, notice that L[obby] has already been selected, and go to the back middle, forming the furthest-from-the-door point of a three person isosceles triangle.

The contestants:
I am flanked on my left by an older man. He is humpled over with a very necessary cane.

On my right is a middle-aged woman. She appears to be hearing impaired and has Victrola-grade hearing equipment enveloping both ears.

The competition:
When we all get down to the lobby floor, the old man grunts and motions at the lady for her to exit first. She shakes her head and then nods to indicate that he should exit first. The old man gets agitated and grunts a little louder, gesturing at her and then the door with his cane. The lady takes a step backward and practically bellows “No-w, you go-w.”

The outcome:
The man relents and exits first. The victorious woman follows. The audience hangs back a bit so as not to miss any front door rematch action.

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