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What street are we on?

It's just been sitting in the /video directory unused and unlinked for a month, so I figure I oughtta hunker down and write it up: and now two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree. The sketch aired the same week as Lazy Sunday and got undeservedly lost in the Internet shuffle.

Aside from being a decently amusing character-driven sketch (a rarity in the last few years), it was also of note in that we finally get to see some younger-skewing Kristen Wiig action. Wiig's already staked out her place as the new player to watch on SNL (take that, Captain Jawbone Samberg!), but the characters she's played have largely skewed "mature:" Judy Garland, the Target Greatland cashier, Felicity Huffman, a wiigged out Megan Mullally. Even prior to SNL, her Joe Schmo Dr. Pat character was an ostensibly mature character.

So this a-hole character is a nice new (to those of us who missed her earlier Groundlings work) wrinkle. I'm sure it'll recur and drive us insane soon enough, so enjoy it now!

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