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Someday we'll find it.

rainbow-connection.jpgThe folkpop connection:

Page France - "Air Pollution"

From The Muppet Movie to Emmet Otter, the recent Muppet DVD content explosion has got the music of Paul Williams all up in my brain. And "Air Pollution" has Paul Williams written all over it. Yeah sure, the multi-voiced chorus bits make for easy comparison, but it's more than that. The lyrical earthiness, the group huggery: it's all vintage Williams. And it is good.

[cred disclaimer: In terms of up-to-the-minute mp3 bloggery, this song (from early 2005's Come, I'm a Lion) is ancient. Two Page France albums ago old. I'm sure You Ain't No Picasso's already leaking demos from a limited edition 2007 EP release.]

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