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Recid-O-Cast, first in a series. #001:

Dr. Red Duke is all hyped about this new version of iLife and the fancy web fanciness that they've made all easy and simple. One of the first things he's talked about doing is a podcast. I can't imagine anyone that I'd rather hear a podcast from more than the good Dr. In an effort at spurring him on, I've created something completely horrible to test out the R's new podcasting publishing capabilities. It is an audio recording. It is enhanced with pictures and sounds (watch in iTunes or your iPod for full effect). It was all created in Garageband -- SOC-style, in one take. It is the worst thing (and consequently why I'm posting on a Sunday, desperately hoping to be buried beneath the crushing weight of a Best Show recap). But it'll give Dr. Red Duke something to come out and play off of. Something to one-up.

Side benefit to this mess: resubscribe to the RSS feed in iTunes and the first file in all of our music and video posts will dump right into your iTunes/iPod world. With no pesky downloading needed.


Okay so voting time: do any of you yahoos have a problem with me removing all but the actual Recid-0-Cast from the iTunesable feed? I'm not feeling it for the random mp3s and videos and trash that doesn't work -- and I'm thinking of stripping it down.

The other option is to leave it as is and create a separate feed just for the Recid-O-Cast.

Unless I hear whiners with arguments, I'm going with the first option.

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