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OxyWash unclogs pores.

Like so very many of you, I've been wondering whether James Urbaniak stumbled in and commented on the Tom Shillue thing because he knows Shillue in real life, or because he just happened to catch Shillue straying even further from storytelling mode and into Carrot Top-like Etch-A-Sketch prop comedy.

Evidence for the former: they've both been killing time in a recording booth at the same voice talent agency (spelunk around for some other fun easter egg-like discoveries: Count the Sorkin connections! Why does a popular The Daily Show correspondent only have one commercial under his belt? Speaking of stunt-butts...)

Kinda fun to imagine Shillue and Urbaniak in-between sessions, out tooling around in a Ford, drinking POWERade, and generally FIGHTING THE POWER with Chuck D.


You're in the ballpark. Tom Shillue and I go out on a lot of the same voiceover auditions. There's a casting place called "Just Voices" that has an Etch-A-Sketch in the waiting area and on more than one occasion I have seen the affable red-haired standup create astonishingly detailed and lifelike renderings on the device. In fact Shillue's Etch-a-Sketches will often sit on the shelf at Just Voices for days, untouched, because people feel bad about erasing such masterful work and replacing it with their own lame efforts. I am totally serious.

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