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Mandel Watch. #005:

So Deal or No Deal's trial run was a success. Ratings-wise. In the interest of maintaining the Mandel Watch I gave it a one ep shot. Hoo-boy.

(23 December) Deal or No Deal (US), 1.5 ***1/2
[Saving graces: the riDICulously over-the-top and yet still twee phone call artifice employed to deliver instructions from the shadowy, Arvin Sloane-like "Bank," Mandel's facial hair, Mandel's memorization of the 26 interchangeable models' names, the repeated realization that my conservative nature would RUIN my chances at taking home any more than like 10k.]

Please note that if I were forced to watch additional episodes they would be graded accordingly:

(March) Deal or No Deal (US), 1.6-? *
[This show is meant to be viewed a single time. Repeated viewings insult the very core of your admittedly weak productive nature. By the end of even a single episode you will tangibly feel time being snatched from your Jewell-like clutches.]


It took everything I had not to fast forward through the one and only episode I watched. I was impressed by Howie's knowledge of the models' names, but I was hoping that maybe he doesn't really know them and just makes a new one up every time. The only thing that kept my nerd brain even slightly interested was trying to determine the formula the bank used to make it's offer.

I wish the folks at TV Squad had magical powers. Phil and Sylvia Harrison (360-491-2330) sound like a great team!

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