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It's the new Shillue review, comin' right at you.

Finally caught that Comedy Central Presents Tom Shillue half-hour last night. He's got some fun traditional stand-up observational bits -- the never answer "I don't care" wedding plan set got some love from Mrs. Amount. And his slo-mo work is a physical comedy classic thanks to the mid-bit inclusion of the slow blink face distortion. That slow blink really kicks out the jams.

Ultimately though, I'm not convinced that a trad-stand-up half-hour format is where Tom Shillue belongs. He's a master slow-burn storyteller, and when he's able to drop brief observational nuggets into his long-players, everything works. I'm not sure where he goes with the storytelling angle; he's certainly too hip for the crustier Prarie Home Companions of the world. But maybe Apple's potential foray into fee-based podcasting will open something up. I'd certainly ante up to catch a weekly Shillue set. Who knows. Maybe he's only got enough material to go monthly; I'd take that too!


He's also a shockingly talented Etch-A-Sketch artist. I've seen him do it.

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