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I'm fine... I'm fine...

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From: Co-worker
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 9:25 AM
To: Omar
Subject: Non-biz: Overheard Hallway Conversation -- TRUE!!!

So this morning, no kidding, this is what I've heard repeated about three times. Each time, I've amost choked and sprayed my coffee all over everything. I've had to leave my cube a few times because I've been crying from laughter. Here's a summary:

"I had a wild weekend this weekend, let me tell you. Last week, my son broke two pair of glasses. So, over the weekend, I took him to the eye doctor to get some contacts. We were there for about two hours while the doctor was working with him. They were teaching him how to put in and take out his contacts and the doctor says to me, 'Why don't you show him how you do it?' So, I was going to show my son how I put my contacts in. I raised my eyelid and, all of a sudden, I couldn't see out of that eye. Everybody gasped — well, my son sort of screamed — and had that real dumb look on their faces. The doctor kept asking me if I knew what had happening and saying really calmly that he was going to wash his hands. I knew something was wrong but I thought my eyelid had flipped up. Girl, my eye had popped out of its socket! The doctor finished washing his hands, told me he was going to touch my eye, and then worked on me to get it back in the socket."

She goes on to explain that she has Graves Disease which makes your eyes bulge (among other things), give clinical details of her emergency treatment, reassure her listeners that she's okay, and emphasize that it was a pretty scary experience for her.

Then, she casually adds this bit about her son: "He was on the phone with his dad yelling 'I don't want contacts! I don't want contacts!'"

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