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Gale, he smiled at me.

I was lying on the couch kinda sideways yesterday and noticed something on the empty, carcass-like Amazon.com boxes from Christmas: the boxes have the arrow-only thing, unlike the site's full-on logo that squishes the arrow up under the Amazon.com text. But so guess what I saw in that arrow? A SMILE. A HALF-GRINNY SMILE.

I kinda yelled at Mrs. Amount and asked her what she thought the Amazon.com logo was and she was all, "You mean the smile?" And I was all, "NO, WOMAN, the ARROW." She'd never seen that arrow and had always just seen the smile.

I tell you what: men are from this one male'd up planet and women are from the moon! Turns out the logo is both an A to Z arrow AND a smile! FEEL-GOODERY item of the week!

What do you people see? Or are you all "I remember when this latest logo was released back in the year two-thousand and I know everything and shut up, dork with your big, boring 'revelations.'"

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