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CBS at 8:00.

This Lita/Amy Dumas-cum-Janet Jackson brouhaha [treat it as as NSFW if you work with folks who might be all up in your screen's grill with their grandpa reading glasses -- or if you plan on clicking into the fuzzy thumbnails] is of note for two reasons:

1. The main riff on unsatisfied "hippies" is pretty solid. It feels really familiar though, and I can't place the source. The donkeys copulating with midgets line might be recycled, but attempting to Google that will put you on the same government questionables list that Dr. Red Duke's occupied for years.

2. This exact same* scene played itself out around 15 years ago.

*minus the roving cameraman, stadium crowd, black-sheeted bed, play-by-play announcers, spandex, silicone, and nudity. and i'm pretty sure that i was the one with the protective black tape.

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