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Since I was in the city that starts with a C, ends in an o, and in the middle is hicag last weekend, I didn't get around to watching SNL until last night.

Can anyone recall an episode with as many technical gaffes as this one? Didn't help that Peter Sarsgaaaard decided not to memorize his lines or learn how to read off a cue card. But beyond that, the episode was chock full of the tops of production folks' heads and the bottoms of boom mics. In that late episode hotel room sketch, Sarsgaard was able to effectively cancel out the joke when a scripted set-top TV slap killed the supposedly unkillable Dratch loop. Funny-wise: the first reveal on the Peter Sarsgaard SARS Guard got a nice laugh out of me though, so I'll always have that.

And it looks like they're gonna go ahead and begin the march toward oversaturation with the Target Greatland Wiig thing. Oh well. Fun trick for you before it's totally beat into the ground: give the word "podcast" a whirl in the Wiig-voice. Emphasize the "pod" part and do that celebratory rockaway thing. It's fun. Almost as fun as knowing that the RSS feed for our own podcast is now free of cruft and disease. Recid-O-Casts ONLY in there now. Jam it up in your iTunes hole if you haven't already!

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