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I've got some Country Time ready to go. Does that count?

© McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, San Francisco, California. After a couple somewhat elaborate issues in a row, we were excited to settle down, get back to basics -- a paperback book, a bunch of good stories, maybe a Convergence. And for the most part this is what we did; the book is indeed paperback, the stories are certainly good, and we are excited to include the final (for now) of Weschler's giddy spin-outs, which will now be collected in a large, colorful book, due out in a couple months. But then somehow we ended up with a DVD in here as well. Which we're happy about, of course, but it leaves us still with our hunger for pure simplicity. Thus, the following vow: Issue 19 will be handwritten on a large sheet of butcher paper. There will be only one copy. We will pack up a 1991 Volvo 240, black, with tinted windows and a broken sunroof, and drive around the country, visiting each subscriber. Each will be given one hour with the text, or maybe slightly more if we're provided with lemonade or granola. Non-subscribers can visit our offices in San Francisco, where the issue will be available for viewing on our back porch. As usual, we're grateful for your faith and constancy.

--Eli Horowitz, chief editor for this issue.


Omar, x-amount, Eli, and Eggers will convene for a nice lunch at Muss & Turner's. We'll just throw the MEAT right on the unfurled #19.

As for Wholpin No. 1, the Spike Gore portrait is stunning stuff; if only it was a 45-hour film. I've also consumed "The Specialist" (Elias Koetas and others spelunk into Selma Blair = beautifully shot Wholfun) and "Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody?", which packs a nice wallop of JCR and Miranda* into 4 minutes.

*Anyone who hasn't seen Me and You and Everyone We Know should indeed do so.

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