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Lot's of fun! or WE RUN A TIGHT SHIP!

Agenda for today's office party:

11:30am – 12noon ………Meet/Greet/and Eat (Ice Breakers)
12pm – 12:15pm…………Present Prizes to winners of the ice breakers
12:15pm- 12:30pm………Holiday songs by our very own “new comer” - [name deleted] (Div. of Integrated Surv.)
Music and accompanying [name deleted] will be our very own - [name deleted]
12:30pm – 12:40pm………A special guest -performing a MIME
12:40pm – 12:50pm………Karaoke (taking volunteers now – There will be door prizes and lot’s of fun!)
12:50pm – 1:15pm………White Elephant (we ask everyone who would like to participate, please bring in a recycled gift or spend $10.00 or less.)


Jim: I thought that it was called "Nasty Christmas".
Pam: We call it "White Elephant".
Michael: Well, I call it fun.

12:30pm – 12:40pm………A special guest -performing a MIME:

Request the Aristocrats joke. Nothing says Holiday fun like mimed scrotal mutilation & explosive diarrhea.

Does anyone want an iPod ready "Aristocrats"?

After being introduced as someone that the party planner knew "very well" and as someone that this particular woman had admired "since he was inside her," Son of Party Planner came out and performed an interpretive, mime-ish dance to R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

Four mini standing ovations (by a certain portion of the attendees) helped close out the performance.

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