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I’m on the corner; I’m pumpin’ just like a pumper do.

Juelz Santana - "Oh Yes"

Recipe for maybe liking this:

Day one: Play it. Dig the sample. Realize that that sample is the hook and that it will be with you for the entirety of the song. Start to wonder whether or not that tasty hook is going to hold up for the whole song. Worry that it won't. Stop the song before it's finished and promise yourself that you'll give it a shot the next day.

Day two: Play it again. Realize that it's pretty much impossible to not physically bounce and that this thing is going to be STUCK in your head.

[note: the above is RAP music that will hurt many of your delicate ears. if you'd like some equally tasty HIP HOP music, go grab the pretty King Seven ditty over at Scissorkick's place.]

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