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Easy Riders, Singing Muppets: Part 2.

"How's a guy like Santa Claus -- who's built like a dump truck -- how's he gonna come down all those skinny little chimneys, huh? That's like trying to get a basketball into a ginger ale bottle!"Oscar the Grouch.

ceoss.jpgHoliday double-bill suggestion (aside from the usual Black Christmas/Silent Night, Deadly Night): pair EOJ-BC with another frequently-overlooked, late-'70s masterwork: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (1978, Jon Stone).

There's too many highlights to cite here, but I'll note four:

1. Carol Spinney delivers some of his most powerful Big Bird work. Feathers decidedly ruffled by Oscar's query, BB goes on a frantic quest (with Kermit's help) to determine how Santa's gonna shimmy his plump frame down the Sesame St. chimneys. BB ends up emotionally spent, culminating with a migration to the roof on Christmas Eve, icicles dangling from his beak. A distraught Patty (Debbie Chen: Then and NOW!) eventually lures a sleepy, frozen BB back down into the warmth of Gordon and Susan's present-filled apartment, where the True Meaning of Christmas (singing with racially-diverse friends) is revealed.

2. The Sesame take on "The Gift of the Magi": Bert sells his paper clip collection to buy Ernie a soap dish for Rubber Ducky; Ernie sells–you guessed it!–Rubber Ducky to buy Bert a cigar box for his paper clips. Mr. Hooper (Will Lee in top form) saves the day.

3. Grover and this hilarious kid.

4. Snuffleupagus in a Santa hat.

After you're done with the EOJ-BC / CEoSS screening, grab a quart of egg nog, fire up the old Atari, and run over some otters in GTA: Frogtown Hollow. [There's a secret code -- Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, then hit that red button 666 times -- that allows you to machine gun the entire audience during the talent show and drown Ma Otter while she's doing laundry in the river.]

Hark!, here's some Sesame Christmas tracks:

"True Blue Miracle"

"Sesame Street Christmas Overture"

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

"I Hate Christmas"

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Bonus Muppetverse track: "Fraggle Rock Theme" [Fraggles in "outer space" in 2006!]

[Easy Riders, Raging Otters: Part 1]


I enjoyed reading this article! I now have the movie on VHS and I first saw it on TV in 1994 I believe, so it had been a while! It was nice to see the picture of Debbie Chen "now". How did you get ahold of that?
The only thing I was a little dissapointed with in the movie is that Patty did not go up to the roof with Big Bird!

Take care!
Michael Ducker

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